There is a Lion at my Window

Lion at my window

“There is a Lion at my window”

On a recent trip to the Kruger National Park our friend Hanno Erasmus had a close encounter with a lion at his window, the young lion is from the Lukimbi breakaway pride.

The sighting occurred on the H3 not far from Afsaal picnic site. The inquisitive young male was stationed in-front of Hannos vehicle before coming to lay next to his car, a few minutes later the lion approached the vehicle and was intrigued by his reflection in the side mirror. He gave it a quick bite before moving off.

Watch the video here :

The Lukimbi breakaway pride has a unique pride member known as Stompie due to her extremely short tail. The pride was controlled by the Eastern bank males but the coalition who were once 5 strong are down to just 1 now. The remaining Eastern bank male joined the South Shishangeni male in 2020 forming a new coalition taking over the Jock and Windmill prides around the Jock concession.

Lion at my window
The young male
Photo copyrighted to Hanno Erasmus
Lion at my window
Lioness known as Stompie
Photo copyrighted to Hanno Erasmus

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