Our Best Roads in the Kruger National Park

This post focuses on our best roads in the Kruger National Park, we have had some of our best sightings on these roads, hopefully these roads are as successful for you as they were for us, if you want to find out what our best roads are read below.


Is a tar road from Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabie, it is a super successful road if you want to see the Big 5, your chances are very high of seeing  cheetah and wild dogs as well.

Our Best Roads in the Kruger National Park
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Lubyelubye male lion in March 2018 on the H4-2


This is the most popular road in the park and it travels from Skukuza to Lower Sabie on tar. The road is scenic filled with thickets and it runs parallel to the Sabie River. You are almost guaranteed to spot leopard in trees or lions lying on the river bank and sometimes they surprise you by coming out onto the road.

Our Best Roads in the Kruger National Park
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The tar road from Tshokwane to Satara is another favorite of ours, especially on the stretch close to Satara, we have had frequent sightings of cheetah and leopard on this road. All the small dams along the road provide the perfect opportunity to see herbivores drinking water, which in turn brings lions around the dam.


If you are looking for a road which guarantees sightings of cheetah, this road is the best one for that, we have always been successful of cheetah sightings on this road. This road also provides great opportunities to see large buffalo and elephant herds.

Our Best Roads in the Kruger National Park
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Out most favorite road, we have said it a lot of times this road provides sighting of big 5, wild dogs and cheetah as well as nocturnal animals which you will see on night drives.


The sand road in the southern part of the Kruger, is bumpy but provides great sightings of the big 5 and wild dogs,
We have had 3 different sightings of leopards while traveling this road on a early morning. We were also lucky enough to see lions steal a kill from a leopard on this road.


The S100 is known as the road for seeing lions, and  it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to lion sightings. There is the Nwanetsi pride and the Shishangaan male lions on this road as well as the white lion can also be seen on this road.
This road doesn’t only provide lion spotting leopards, giraffe and elephants can also be seen on this road.

Our Best Roads in the Kruger National Park
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N’wanetsi male in December 2017

Read more about the Nwanetsi Males and the Shishangaan males here.

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