Lioness With Cubs Saved From Snare

Last week it was reported that a lioness with cubs was saved from a snare in the Kruger National Park, the Facebook group against wildlife snares, Enough is Enough, released a statement.

This is their statement:

“Lioness with a snare around waist. She was seen at Nyamundwa dam, Phabeni gate area. She was spotted and reported by Quintin, one of the field guides. Amazingly (and lucky for her), she was spotted with the possible snare from quite a distance.

Lioness with cubs saved from snare
Photo of the lioness when she was spotted with the snare
©Enough is Enough

It was reported to the Section Ranger straight away.
Thankfully she remained static and was located and darted easily last night.

Lioness with cubs saved from snare
After the lioness was darted
©Enough is Enough

After she was darted, they found she was lactating, they found 2 tiny cubs close to her. Snare was removed, she was treated with antibiotics and she was up and about soon. The snare was very deep, so she is still not totally out of the woods. The team are still a bit concerned about her and they will keep a watchful eye on her and her cubs.
Thank you for reporting straight away Quintin and also a big thank you to the team who did the rescue. You are our heroes!”

Lioness with cubs saved from snare
After the snare was removed
©Enough is Enough

The lioness was spotted a few days ago and she seems to be recovering well.

Lioness with cubs saved from snare
Lioness a few days after the snare was removed

A snare is a piece of wire, shaped into a loop, anchored down and placed in an area of high animal activity with the sole purpose of killing wildlife. Whilst they are mostly used to catch (and kill) bushmeat, it is usually used as a means of sustenance for rural communities, field rangers remove thousands of snare traps from the Kruger monthly.

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