Wild Dog Plays Dead to Escape Lion

Wild dogs are one of the smartest animals but they are also hard to spot in the African bush. Wild dogs can reach a speed of 70km per hour and have good stamina which they utilizes to tire their prey before going in for the kill, and it’s seldom that they become the victims of lions.

While out on safari Calvet, a guide from African Bush Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, came across an incredible sighting, of a wild dog playing dead to get away from a lionesses.

Calvet, was out on a drive with visitors, when he came cross a pack of wild dogs who had just finished feeding on a impala, Calvet told Latest Sightings “With her eyes fixed on the pack, the lioness was crouched and started to stalk, and in the flash of a moment, she pounced and managed to grab one of the dogs. As you can hear on the audio of the video, the guests were in a slight state of shock, as the attack of the lioness came rather immediate and as a surprise

The lioness held onto the wild dog for a long time which seemed lifeless in her grip and many already believed it was already dead, as it stayed completely still. The guests felt helpless for the captured wild dog and had almost given up hope for him. When another member of the pack approached the lioness, she sprang into action, attacking the other wild dog ferociously.

Then, to the surprise of everyone watching, the previously caught wild dog got up and was able to make his escape. The guests were very relieved at this and were amazed to see how the wild dog was able to pretend to be dead for so long.”

Calvet has confirmed that both wild dogs have survived the attack unharmed, this was a rare and a extraordinary sighting which Calvet himself has never seen in his career as a safari guide.

Watch the video here:

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