What to Pack on Safari

So you’re going on a safari holiday for this reason we have put together a list of items to pack to make packing effortless for you.

Packing will depend on the season in which you visit, so we will break it down into 2 different categories.

Spring and Summer – September to March

These months are quite hot and humid but it is still cold on early morning drives so we recommend wearing layers and removing them as the morning sun gets warmer, I usually wear shorts and tracksuit pants on top of the shorts and I wear a jacket with a hoodie with a short sleeve shirt underneath, as the weather gets warmer I take off the layers.

From 11:00AM to 15:00PM we stay at the camp and usually go for a swim and go for lunch or relax on our balcony because it is unbearably hot and chances of seeing animals are slim. Remember to apply sunscreen before leaving your room even when  walking from your car to your room you stand a chance to get burned, in December we have experienced temperatures up to 45 degrees.

The afternoons are still hot but if you decide to go for a night drive be prepared with warm clothes because the temperature drops quickly and it gets chilly with the wind.

This time of year is also a season with high maleria so make sure to visit your doctor so he can prescribe you maleria tablets and remember to pack insect repellent products, we also pack citronella candles as well as insect spray.

We see so many tourists wearing heavy duty hiking boots, unless you are doing a walking safari there is no need for hiking boots a good pair of comfortable sneakers is all you need.

September is also a known as a rainy season so we suggest packing your raincoat just in case.

Autumn and Winter – April to August

These are definitely the colder months of the year therefore you should pack accordingly, the morning sun is still hot but the morning drive and afternoon are still very cold. I usually pack jeans and a a light long sleeve shirt for this trip.

Please find a downloadable checklist here:

Safari Packing Checklist

Remember to pack light, plan so that you can use one pair of jeans or shorts a couple of times.

Thank you so much for reading.

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