Welcome Back, We Reminisce on Our 2019 Top Sightings

Well welcome back and happy 2020, we have just come back from a blissful three week in the Kruger National Park and we are definitely feeling recharged and inspired. We are excited for all the new content which we have planned for the upcoming weeks.

We just want to reminisce on all our favorite sightings which we had in 2019, before moving on to the new year. We visited the Kruger in April, August, September and December in 2019, a lot less than usual but we still had some great sightings, some of these also include sightings from the Pilanesberg Game Park.

Leopard at Biyamiti Weir

September was definitely the best month when it came to big cats sightings for us, because two of our favorite sightings were from September, one is the leopard which we found at Biyamiti Weir. On our afternoon drive we were hoping to spot a leopard and while driving along on the S23 towards Biyamiti, we found one on the rocks by Biyamiti Weir, the fact that there was nothing obscuring our view and the golden light honestly made it a top sighting.

Two Leopards

In September we stayed at Skukuza and we had driven to Kruger from Johannesburg after work therefore we didn’t have a lot of time to look for animals, so on our way up to Skukuza from Malelane we decided to use the sand road for better chances of finding animals, and we found two leopard together, it was a mating pair. At first we thought it was just the male leopard laying on the floor, the only reason we spotted the second leopard was because the leopard kept on looking up at the tree making us realize that that there was a second one in the tree.

Warthogs Walk Straight Into Lions

In 2019 we visited the Pilanesburg a few times and on this particular visit we were watching these 5 young male lions and one lioness, and a short while later an unassuming warthog family walked straight towards the lions but they realized too late that there was a lion pride ahead of them, the lions all stood up and looked like they were going to try hunt them but they took too long and the warthogs moved swiftly away before they became lunch.

Male Lions at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve

If you have been following us for a while you will know that we are obsessed with male lions, and this sighting was so special because we hadn’t found male lions with big manes in the Pilanesburg and on this particular visit we found these two beautiful males.

Lion Coalition on the S26

During our August trip to the Kruger, we were out for our usual afternoon and we had driven to Mpondo Dam, and on our way back to camp we drove on the S26, and unexpectedly we found three male lions strolling in the road eventually a fourth lion joined them.

So these were our top sightings for 2019, we didn’t include our December top sightings because we will be doing a trip highlight on the next post.

Thank you so much for reading.

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