Two Chalets Burn Down Due to Braai at Olifant Camp in the Kruger National Park

On Saturday night at around 10:30 at night Theo Thumbran uploaded photos of chalets which had caught on fire at Olifant Camp.

Image by Theo Thumbran

Olifant camp is situated in the middle of the Kruger National Park, the camp gets its name since it overlooks the Olifant river.

Theo Thumbran is a member on the SANParks – Kruger National Park, the group has a total of 165k members, Theo uploaded the images hoping that it would alert authorities because many people would report the fire.

Members of the group were able to get hold of the manager on duty, thanks to the post, the Kruger tourism manager, Nomonde Kgabage, also commented on the post to reassure people that the camp management was busy stabilizing the fire.

Mr. Thumbrand told SAPeople: “The fire was put out by SANParks and the rain started quite heavy which was a great help.” It is presumed that the fire was sparked by wind blowing ambers from braai fire onto the thatch roof of one of the huts, which then caused a second hut to catch fire as well.

No one was harmed due to fires.

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