Tourist Gets Out The Car To Take Photo Of Lions in Kruger National Park

Tourist Gets Out The Car To Take Photo Of Lions in Kruger National Park

This past Tuesday a tourist was seen opening his car door and standing out of the car to take pictures of the lions behind him, the tourist did not take into consideration that the lions could’ve decided to attack him at any time and he probably would’ve had no time to get back in the car and close the door. 

This accident occurred close to Orpen Camp in the middle section of the Kruger Park. 

The video shows lions on the side of the road at the beginning and later on two lions are seen walking in the road, at some point a man gets out the car and stands to take pictures of the lion which is not even 20 meters away. 

We visit the Kruger often and we can guarantee that this is not the first time that tourists have been seen breaking the rules, on the information booklet that you are given at the gates before you enter the park it states clearly that you may not get out of your vehicles but tourists do not adhere to the rules. 

What they don’t realize is they put themselves at risk of being attacked by a wild animal and this can often result in the animal being shot as they are unrightfully held accountable for the attack when they are acting on natural instinct. The animal is usually put down because ranger and vets fear that the animal will attack again

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The park is also so big that the rangers at Kruger can’t be everywhere to oversee all these rule breakers. 

If you see anyone breaking the rules there is a phone number in which you can report the incident, and whether SANParks follows up on the reports is not confirmed. 

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  1. Michelle Leslie

    Idjut. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would be so silly. And then there’s always this big uproar when things go wrong. Aaaiiiii

    Love your blog BTW. We haven’t been to the Kruger in such a long time. We have to make a plan

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