Top 5 Roads for Spotting Lions in the Kruger National Park

A lot of people enjoyed our top 5 roads for spotting cheetah in the Kruger and today we bring you a post with tips the Top 5 Roads for spotting lions in the Kruger National Park,

Lions are our favorite animals to spot, especially male lions,  there are an estimated 1700 Lions in the Kruger Park.

Lions are the only cats that live in groups called prides. A pride has several females, their cubs and a few males,

Lions are seen through out the whole park, best time to spot lions is between dusk and dawn because they are more active during those times, females usually go hunting for food, whilst the male lions patrol the territory and protect the pride

Below is our 5 best roads for spotting lions:

  • S100
  • H7
  • H4-1
  • H4-2
  • H1-3

1. The S100

The s100 is a 20km gravel situated close to Satara it is one in our opinion of the best roads for lions in the Kruger as it provides a lot of game for hunting and it has many waterholes to quinch their thirst. The s100 is the home of two different lion coalitions the N’wanetsi males and the Shishangaan males and of course the rare white lion.

Top 5 Roads for spotting lions in the Kruger National Park

2. The H7

The H7 is a 46km tar road from Orpen to Satara, the H7 is our favorite road in the whole Kruger as it provides an opportunity to see the Big 5.

Lions are often spotted around the Orpen /Tamboti camp and another two good spots on the H7 is the stretch between Bobbejaankrans view point and the S36/S39 intersection and around Nsemani Dam. The H7 is where our favorite lion coalition exist, the Skybeds

Top 5 Roads for spotting lions in the Kruger National Park
Skybed Male

3. The H4-1

The H4-1 is 47km tar road between Lower Sabie and Skukuza. It runs along the Sabie River, with an abundance of herbivores and water therefore it is a great road for lions. The Southern part of the park has the most population of lions in our opinion. We recently seen the Jock males and the Lubyelubye pride on this road. 

Top 5 Roads for spotting lions in the Kruger National Park
Jock Males

4. The H4-2

The H4-2 is a 35km tar road between Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie. Around the Vurhami Bridge is a great place for seeing lions on this road. The Vurhami pride can be found around this area as well as the Shishangeni coalition. 

Top 5 Roads for spotting lions in the Kruger National Park
Shishangeni Male

5. The H1-3

The H1-3 is a 50km tar road between Tshokwane picnic spot and Satara rest camp.

This road has two big waterholes which we have often seen lions at. The stretch between the S126 intersection and Satara also offers a great opportunity for spotting lions. The Kumana pride and the Mazithi pride live around this area. 

Below are maps for your reference::

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