Top 5 Roads for Spotting Cheetah in the Kruger National Park

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After spending 12 blissful days in the Kruger we decided to put together a post  for the best roads to spot cheetahs.

There is an estimate of 120 cheetah inside the Kruger Park seeing cheetah can be considered very rare.

Unlike other cats found at Kruger, cheetahs are active during the day, cheetahs can be found roaming open, grassy savannah plains.

They hunt during the day to avoid competition from bigger predators such as lion, leopards and hyenas.  Cheetahs are usually found in groups, usually consisting of a mother and her young cubs or a coalition of males who live together. Adult females, however, tend to be solitary and only meet with males to mate.

The below roads offer the best opportunity for spotting Cheetah in the Kruger Park.

  • H10
  • H7
  • H6
  • S28
  • S128

1. The H7

The H7 is a 47km road between Orpen an Satara this road is really productive for Cheetah. Especially around the S36/S39 intersections.


2. The H6

The H6 is a 20Km from the H1-3 to Nwentesi Picnic spot. We have often seen Cheetah around Snonop dam, a cheetah mom with 5 cubs is usually seen on this road.

3. The H10

The H10 is a 46km road between Lower Sabie and Tshokwane. In our opinion this is the best road for Cheetah as we have frequently seen them on this road.

4. The S128

The S128 is the gravel road that loops next to the H10 and we have seen Cheetah on this road a couple of times.

5. The S28

The S28 is gravel road between Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie . This is another road that offers an excellent opportunity of spotting cheetah.

Please see maps below to find the above roads .




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  1. Kenneth Buk

    The most current estimate of the number of cheetahs in Kruger is in fact 412 cheetahs of all ages. The population density is highest in the southern section in accordance with the distribution of prey.

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