Our Highlights from December 2019 Trip

Highlights from December 2019 trip

On today’s post we narrow down all the highlights from our December 2019 trip

Mbiri and Rockfig Lions

We stayed at Tamboti during our first few days, and the morning drives were pretty quiet most morning, but one of the mornings when we had lost all hope we found two lions sleeping in the road on the H7 a few kilometers from Nsemani Dam, we stayed with them until they moved off out of sight.

Wild dog Kill

We were having a great morning, one that consisted of a lion sighting and a leopard sighting before 6AM, and on our way to Skukuza from Lower Sabie, we came across a pack of wild dog that were feeding on a carcass, when all of a sudden the younger dogs from the pack made their way across the road, we didn’t think much of it because wild dogs are so hyper active and they are always on the move, up until we saw a baby impala jump across the road followed by the wild dogs, not even a minutes later we witnessed the wild dogs beginning to tear the impala apart to feed on it.

Highlights from December 2019 Trip
Image is copyrighted to Big On Wild

Lion pride on H1-3

While we stayed at Satara, our mornings were never super successful, one of the mornings we drove towards Orpen on the H7 and we missed the white lion that was on the H1-3. While we were driving to Berg en Dal from Satara on the H1-3, because we were moving camps, a few kilometres before Kumana Dam we came across a huge lion pride, the pride was made of lions from all age groups.

Highlights from December 2019 Trip
Image is copyrighted to Big On Wild

Young Jock males on H3

On our last day at the park, we turned left from Berg en Dal onto the H3 and began to drive towards Afsaal, as we came around the corner we found four male lions walking towards us. The SANParks morning drive vehicle was shining their bright lights and the fact that it was dark didn’t give us a chance to get good pictures when they were in the road. The lions soon moved off into the bush and we were hoping that we would intercept them on the s110 gravel road and luckily for us they did make their way there. The four males are the young Jock Males

Highlights from December 2019 Trip
Image is copyrighted to Big On Wild

Lions Trying to Hunt Rhinos

The previous day just before gate closing time we saw a group of lions sleeping and not far from them we saw a rhino with a baby. The following morning we found the same lions trying to hunt the baby rhino, but the baby was charging the lions before they got a chance to try anything. The baby would charge two lions and the mom would chase the rest, every time the rhinos tried to leave the lions would follow, until they realized that they wouldn’t be successful trying to take down the rhino.

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