N’wanetsi Males – Lions of Kruger

This week featured lions are the N’wanetsi male lions

The very first time we saw the N’wanetsi males was in March of 2015, we only saw two of them and we weren’t sure which lions they were at the time, but we saw them on H1-3 near the H6.

Male 1 and Male 2

In one of our previous posts we had mentioned that our trip in December of 2015 was the first time we saw so many male coalitions after not ever seeing any all our previous trips.

The N’wanetsi coalition we saw on our trip to the Kruger where we stayed at Tamboti over New Years, it was not a bad way to bring in 2016 for us.

One morning after not seeing a lot on the H7 we decided to head onto the S100 instead of the H6. Even though it was indubitably hot, we saw a lot of cars stopped, when we finally managed to see what everyone was stopped for, we could only see one lion but eventually we could see 3 male lions together and we were pleased because despite being so hot they were not sleeping as lions usually do when it’s hot and we were able to get good pictures of them.

Male 2 & Male 3

The next time we saw them was the same holiday a few days later on the S100 but we only saw two of them, they were far in the bush but out of nowhere decided to get up and mark their territory and we were able to take nice photos of them together.

We saw them two other times after that, the next time we saw them one of the males was mating with a lioness and his brother decided to come and keep them company.

And the very last time we only saw two of them at a buffalo kill and that was in December of 2016.

Male 2 & Male 1

The N’wanetsi males are a coalition of 4 males they have territory on the S100, H6 and H1-3

One of the males is rarely seen, we have actually never seen him,  we assume that he stays with the pride.They are the pride males of the N’wanetsi males, the pride consists of 5 lionesses.They have a territory on the S100, H6 and H1-3.

The 4 N’wanetsi males are easy to identify:

One has a unique mane, it is light at the top and black at the bottom and he looks like he has eyebrows which always make him look grumpy.

Male 1

The second one has a mark on his right side, and he has scratches all over his face.

Male 2

The third one a cut on his top lip.

Male 3

And the last one has a scar on his hip (we don’t have a photo of him).

We have captioned all our photos so you know which male it is in the photos.

The next time you are in the area make sure to keep a lookout for them.

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