Mpondo Males a Dream Sighting

Today’s post is dedicated to a sighting of the Mpondo lion coalition captured by Hanno Erasmus in February 2020.

They are considered to be one of the most popular coalitions in the Kruger National Park currently. You can read a more in depth post on them here.

They are admired for their outstanding manes and bulky structure. The coalition consists of 5 males which is a dream sighting for most Kruger goers.

We chatted to Hanno in December and we were both hopeful of seeing the Mpondo males, we spent many days driving around their territory in hope of finding them but with no such luck.

Hanno retuned to Kruger in February of 2020, and despite having several magnificent sightings of them in the past, it was his goal to see them again. 

He spent his time in the park hoping he would get to see these beautiful lions again and it seemed he was going to miss out on them, but on the last day of his trip he headed down the S113 in muddy conditions due to the downpours from the days before. 

He made his way on to the S23 and in true Kruger fashion was rewarded with the most breath taking sighting of 4 of the males on patrol in the rain.

Enjoy the pictures below,

Hanno has had the privilege of seeing the Mpondo coalition on multiple occasions, you can have a look at his photos of them on his social media pages along with pictures of many other lion coalitions and wildlife.

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All images are copyrighted to Hanno Erasmus

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