Male Lion Sabotages Hunt

Whenever you watch lion documentaries you  will always see lionesses doing the hunting and 90% of the time they are successful when they all work together, it wasn’t the case in this particular case because the male lion sabotages the hunt.

Watch the video:

This video was captured by Peter Craig-Cooper on the banks of the Crocodile River in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. 

Peter spotted the lions prowling on a riverbank while a herd of impala grazed nearby. As the impala began to wander closer to the water, the lions prepped for an attack. The lioness positioned herself at the base of the riverbank where she was hidden from the impala, while the male had no strategy and charged towards the herd in plain view.

“All of a sudden pandemonium broke,” Peter told Latest Sightings. “The male chasing from the top and the female from the bottom of the bank. The two lions collided as the impala made its escape.”

Lionesses are considerably sleeker and speedier than their much larger male counterparts and are typically more successful hunters.

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