Lubyelubye Pride Come Face to Face with a Crocodile

In the video the Lubyelubye pride and the pride males, which can be found on the H4-1 (close to the Lubyelubye rocks and bridge) in the Kruger National Park, are seen hunting and killing a waterbuck.

The waterbuck runs into the water, we guess to try escape hoping the water will deter the hungry lions, but we have found that this pride of lions especially loves the water, it’s not everyday you see a lion sitting in water. See picture of the lions enjoying the water when we saw them in August.

Lubyelubye Pride and Mazithi Males Come Face to Face with a crocodile
Image copyrighted to Big on Wild

The pride successfully takes down the waterbuck and soon after the rest of the pride including the cubs join them, suddenly a large crocodile is seen swimming around the lions trying to steal the fresh carcass, a lioness spots him first and at that instant all the lions, males included, are growling at the crocodile.

Lubyelubye Pride and Mazithi Males Come Face to Face with a crocodile

Eventually the crocodile gives up and swims away probably because of the amount of lions at the kill.

The video was uploaded by Kruger National Park Videos (Video is copyrighted to Kruger National Park Videos)

Watch the video here:

You can watch the Lubyelubye pride with one of the prides males when we saw them in September here:

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