Lion Escapes from Kruger National Park

Lion Escapes from Kruger National Park

Last night it was reported by the Lowvelder that a lion had escaped from Kruger National Park.

Residents around Mbombela have been warned to stay vigilant after reports of the escaped lion came in.

Lion Escapes from Kruger National Park

The animal was last spotted on the R37 road, 40km outside of Mbombela. The city of Mbombela is situated next to Kruger National Park and its the biggest city in the province of Mpumalanga.

Lion Escapes from Kruger National Park

No information has been released from theSouth African National Parks organization.

Residents were advised to avoid the lion and if spotted to alert the police with details of his location.

Lion Escapes from Kruger National Park

One year ago, 3 male lions had also escaped from Kruger National Park and unfortunately one of the lions was shot dead and another one was badly wounded by a farmer because the lions had killed and eaten one of his cows.

SANParks rangers decided to put down both the wounded lion and the third unharmed lion.

The rangers felt this was the best option for the unharmed lion or he would always try escape from the park.

It was believed that the 3 lions were driven out the park by the dominant male lions of the area, if the unharmed lion was placed back in the park alone, the chances of him being attacked by other lions would’ve been high.

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