Leopards Fight Till Death in the Kruger National Park

Leopards Fight Till Death in the Kruger National Park 

Every now and again, something new and unexpected unfolds at the Kruger that surprises visitors.

Ryan Jenkins got to witness two male leopard get into a scuffle. 

Leopards are some of Africa’s most elusive big cats, and witnessing a battle like this one is rare. 

Altercations usually fizzle out with just a show of bravado, involving some baring of teeth, growling and squaring off. Unfortunately this fight ended up with one leopard losing the battle of life. 

“We actually thought for a moment that they could just be playing, but just a bit rough… we quickly realized that they were not playing, this was a brutal attack on the little one and we thought it could only be about territory,” 

“The older leopard grabbed the small leopard by the neck and held him down forcefully until you could see the little one suffocate.”

Jenkins admits that the sighting was “horrific to see, but at the same time, very interesting and exciting.”

“We just wished that the little one had been given a chance to live another day, but as we know, that’s life in the bush.”Jenkins told Latest Sightings.

Watch the video here: 

Please note it’s not for sensitive viewers 

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