Leopard takes down Nyala in Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands is a private game reserve neighboring the Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands is known for having the best chances of spotting a leopard. Camz Engelbrecht was lucky enough to spot a leopard take down a Nyala.

Sabi Sands is the home of luxurious private lodges within the game reserve, this amazing sighting occurred at Idube Game reserve.

Cam Engelbrecht published the video on Facebook with this caption:

“What a way to start the day!! Holy crap 😱😱😱. The Schotia female taking down a Nyala in Idube Game Reserve with Brogan Parsons”

In the video you can see the leopard spots the Nyala, and makes its way toward the unsuspecting buck, and proceeds to take it down and kill it. This happened inside the camp.

Watch the video here (not suited for sensitive viewers):

According to Cam Engelbrecht, who is a field guide at Idube Game reserve, the kill was moved outside of the camp for obvious safety reasons, but unfortunately the kill was stolen by scavenging hyenas the same night.

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