Kruger’s White Lion has a Scary Encounter

The Kruger National Park has a famous lion known as Casper and this particular lion is famous because he’s a white lion, and he is the only wild white lion found in the Kruger National Park. 

Lions carrying the recessive “white” gene are usually found in the Timbavati area which borders the Kruger, Casper was born in 2014 around the Satara area and was fathered by the Shishangaan Male Lions. 

As of lately he has left the pride and he has joined a coalition of other young males.

Watch the video of him and his 6 other males here

It’s not easy being a young male lion in a place like the Kruger that is surrounded by older territorial male lions and other male lions in their prime whom are looking to take over territories. 

Unfortunately the white lion and his coalition partners learned this hard way. 

Graeme Mitchley recently visited the Kruger National Park and while staying around the Satara area, he was lucky enough to not only spot lions, but he got to see the white lion as well. 

He shared the events on his Facebook page,

“We set out early from Satara and headed north on the H1-4 on Thursday 13/06/2019 hoping to see some cats on the road as it was a cold winter morning and the roads would have been warm. Just before the S90 there was a leopard in the road. It was still dark and he moved off into the long grass. About 6km further north, three young lions lay on the side of the road watching a herd of buffalo. After closer inspection my wife said that one was the famous white lion. We had done the H6 early the previous morning hoping to find him near the S41. So this was a wonderful and unexpected surprise. These guys certainly travel far distances. They soon realised they didn’t stand a chance with the buffalo and went down into the riverbed where we watched them play. What followed will certainly live with me forever.

The most tense wildlife moment I have ever witnessed. All of a sudden Casper’s two brothers ran towards the road. Three other males had appeared from nowhere. They ran towards Casper who sat watching his brothers with his back to them, wondering why they had run off. The four of us (Ang, Sandi, Ashton and myself) shouted, screamed for him to run, the three came closer and closer. They were at full tilt now. Still we shouted and screamed, ‘run,run for God’s sake!” my body was tense, my neck hurt! I had developed a tension headache. My mouth was dry, I wanted to get out and drag him away from the oncoming danger. The three got to about 15m away when he finally heard them and he ran for his life.

Photo copyrighted to Greame Mitchley

The three were keen on settling scores and protecting their territory. Casper and his brothers joined up again and continued to run. Just when we thought they were safe, they turned and decided to fight. They realised that these three weren’t mature males and actually hurt one of them. In the end both sets decided to go their own ways, scores to be settled another day. Even now while I write this I am tensing up! My biggest regret is that I was so busy shouting for Casper to run I didn’t manage to get any photos or video!” 

Photo copyrighted to Greame Mitchley
Photo copyrighted to Greame Mitchley
Photo copyrighted to Greame Mitchley

We are happy to hear that Casper made it out okay, because we all want to see him grow to be a beautiful male lion.

Photo copyrighted to Greame Mitchley

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