Kruger Starts Dehorning Rhinos to Fight Rhino Poaching

SANParks released a media statement in which they stated that they are working with other conservation partners to implement an integrated wildlife management approach, this approach includes dehorning rhino cows on the southern part of the Kruger National Park.

They have decided to dehorn rhino cows particularly because they are more important in the sense that the loss of a rhino cow can have a multitude of effects including the loss of dependent calf and future calves, this affects the growth of white rhinos. In many cases rhino cows have been poached and rhino calfs have been left orphaned and these calves have to be rescued and they never come back to the Kruger but grow up in rhino sanctuary, which is good for the rhino but not beneficial for the rhino population in the Kruger.

Kruger starts dehorning rhinos
Image by SANParks

SANParks is also implementing other approaches to help fight rhino poaching, including strengthening security measures, sharing information on incursions and intelligence as well as continuous collaboration witch law enforcement agencies.

In the media statement SANParks also mentioned that stiffer sentences need to be introduced where the rhino has been poached and the calf is left destitute.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), is being briefed extensively on the current situation in order to deliver stiff sentences to those found in possession of ammunition, high calibre rifles and trespassing in a protected area with the intention to commit a crime.

Here is a video uploaded by SANParks of a rhino being:

SANParks has not yet clarified what will be done with the horns.

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