Experience Kruger Like No one Else has Experienced it with This Hiking Pilgrimage

Hiking Pilgrimage

If you enjoy hardcore hiking and roughing it in the bush, you should consider doing this 600 kilometer hiking pilgrimage through the Kruger National Park.

The trail is divided into six legs of 100 Kilometers each, each leg takes you six days to complete. Don’t worry you are not going to walk 600km all at once, you will do two legs per year. The trail is completed over a period of three years, doing two legs per year.

The trail is an unsupported backpack trail; you will carry everything you need including your tent and food in your backpack. You can expect to walk long distances of 15 and 20 km per day in harsh weather with a heavy backpack, so it is recommended that you are fit and strong in order to do The Kruger Trail, as it challenging.

Hiking Pilgrimage

The trail starts from Crooks Corner in the north of the park and over the 3 years you will make your way down towards the south of the park.
This is an amazing opportunity to everyone participating as you get to experience places which are not accessible by vehicle.
“This leg takes you from Crook’s Corner on the unpredictable Limpopo River, through some of the wildest places in Kruger. You will pass Thulamela where a powerful chief once ruled over his subjects from an ancient hilltop fortress.
“You will see some magnificent baobab trees, sandstone hills and drink from a holy spring. Eventually, you will move on to the Mopane plains which are the haunt of some of Kruger’s biggest Tuskers, before reaching your destination at the remote Vlakteplaas Rangers Station.”
“You will travel over diverse habitat and challenging terrain. You can expect high temperatures, cold wind, rain and lots of sun.
“We have no set campsites but we sleep in million-star rated facilities in the heart of the bush. You will get to experience the Baobab Forest in Pafuri and natural interactions and sightings are guaranteed,”
“Expect special experiences with the big and small residents of Kruger,” says Louis Lemmer, the SANparks hononary ranger who helped organize the trail.

If you are interested in taking part, you will need to convince a group of your friends to buy Leg 1 via an auction which takes place ‪on the 19 of October‬. You have to complete Leg 1 in order to continue to Leg 2. The Trail is sold to groups of eight and unfortunately they do not take any individual bookings. The starting bids are set at R50 900 for a group of eight, which only works out to R6 363 per person.

Money received at the auction will go towards supporting conservation initiatives in protecting South Africas natural heritage.

Two guides will be with you through the six night and seven day adventure. If you want to book a spot at the auction you can email thekrugertrail@gmail.com. The auction is taking place in Pretoria but you will be able to place your bid telephonically as well.

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