Escaped Kruger Lion Finally Captured

Escaped Kruger Lion Finally Captured

UPDATE: escaped Kruger lion finally captured.

Last week we reported that a lion had escaped from the Kruger National Park, and finally on the 2nd of June the escaped lion was darted and captured.

He was found in the same area he was spotted in, hunger led him into killing and feeding on a cow near Long Tom Pas’s on the S37.

The MTPA wildlife protection were contacted after the lion was spotted, in which MTPA sent out a search team consisting of a veterinarian and a carnivore scientist.

Even though the young lion hid in thick bushes, they still managed to dart it successfully.

Escaped Kruger Lion Finally Captured

The lion had some minor injuries and it was decided it will be best for him to be transported to a rehabilitation centre for the time being, it will also be tested for TB.

Only once his fully recuperated will they decide where it will be released again.

You can read the previous report here.

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