Elephant Shot Dead After He Charged Staff Members in Kruger

Someone queried on SANParks Kruger National Park Facebook page about shots which were heard at Pretoriuskop rest camp last night, and SANParks released a statement confirming that a ranger had to shot an elephant after he charged staff memeber at the staff village. 

Robert Wienand asked on the SANParks group the following questions “Good morning, a few shots fired last night in Pretoriuskop. Apparently an elephant that was shot near the staff village? Just curious to know what happened? Anyone know anything more?” 

Obviously some group members were quick to make assumptions but not long after SANParks released a statement 

“Dear all, staff members were charged by a young adult Male (bull) inside the Pretoriuskop staff living quarters.  Field Rangers had to shoot the elephant.  The elephant ran out of the living quarters and died.  It was threatening the lives of staff, and there was no alternative.  Fortunately no one was injured.” 

An admin for the group reassured all the outraged members that the elephant had been shot as a last resort and the young bull might have become more agitated if he remained in the staff village. 

Young bulls become very dangerous especially when in musth they are far more aggressive because their testosterone levels are very elevated

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