Elephant Found Dead in the Kruger National Park

On the morning of the 10th of October, while traveling on the H7 towards Satara, park visitors  came a cross a horrific scene, a dead elephant lying in the road.

It is believed that the elephant was struck by lighting and died as the it had two holes in the stomach and some burn marks.

Lions were seen by the carcass but moved on without feeding on it.
Scavengers usually do not feed on a carcass struck by lightings for the reason that electricity causes all of the animals muscles to seize hard. This releases proteins and acids and hormones into the muscles that make it extraordinarily tough and bitter for the scavenger to eat.

The case of the elephants death is being investigated, it is not suspected that the elephant was killed by another animal or by poachers.


photo by @Shaun_za

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