Elephant Attacks Rhino in the Kruger

Elephant attacks rhino

An Angry elephant bull attacked a rhino at a private game reserve in the Kruger National Park.

It is a scene commonly seen at Kruger which includes 2 of the big 5, this scene unfortunately it is not what every tourist expects when seeing a rhino and an elephant together.

In the video below you see a rhino peacefully drinking water and an elephant slowly approaching behind him, all of a sudden the bull starts attacking the poor rhino using its tusks, you can clearly hear the rhinos distress.

angry elephant bull attacked a rhino

The ranger who was driving the safari vehicle started to whistle and shout at the elephant to distract him from the endangered rhino, this worked out in favor of the rhino because at the end you see him run off to the safety of thick bushes.

It is not clear why the elephant attacked the rhino, our best guess is that the elephant was in musth, when this happens elephant bulls get aggressive and erratic and it’s from the increased testosterone level in their bodies.

Elephants do chase off predators such as lions, to protect the youngster in the herd, in the video below, we were watching these two lionesses sleeping in the shade, an elephant made his way to a small pond near the lions, while drinking he must have realized that there was lions in the vicinity, we thought he was going to walk the opposite way from the lions, but it walked around and decided that the lions were not welcome to enjoy an afternoon nap.

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