Eastern Bank Males – Lions of Kruger

Today’s featured lions are the Eastern Bank Males,

The Eastern bank males were born in 2012 which makes them 6 years old, they were fathered by the 3 Toulon males.

They come from the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and formed a coalition of 5.

They used to be a coalition of 5 males sadly one of the males died after suffering a long standing injury.

The first time we saw them was near Renosterkopies in 2015 they were 3 approaching 4 years of age at the time.

Since then they have been taking over a lot of territory, back in March of 2016 they mauled and killed one of the Stolsnek males and they injured the other two male in their attempt to oust them from the Byiamati Weir area.

They now dominate the Byiamati Weir region and they took over the Byiamati pride from the Stolsnek males and they were often seen mating with the lioness which means they should have cubs soon.

Some of them are branded for research purposes and you can find their marking on their back and it has the shape of a ‘U’

They are usually seen on the S114 as well as the Jock Concession and of course around the Byiamati Weir area.

You can also follow the page “Eastern Bank Male Lions” on Facebook for the latest updates.

Look out for them next time you are in the area

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