Brawl on a Kruger National Park Road

Brawl on a Kruger National Park Road

The Kruger Park provides some phenomenal sightings, we were lucky enough to see lions steal a kill from a tree, if you haven’t seen the video you can see it here.

While on a early morning drive in the northern region of the park, Helen Young captured a video of a snouted cobra trying to hunt a large monitor lizard.

She saw an odd-looking shape in the road, and once she approached the scene, she could see a rock monitor getting attacked by a cobra. In the video you can see the snake had its fangs in the lizard’s neck area, the snake was trying to keep the lizard prisoner, the rock monitor wasn’t ready to give up yet as you can see him trying to break free from his attacker.

Brawl on a Kruger National Park Road
©Latest Sighting/Helen Young

A snouted cobra hunts its prey during the day and it usually feeds on rodents, birds, toads and other snakes. The venom of this snake is both neurotoxic and cytotoxic and a bite from this snake can cause neurological paralysis.

“A car sped past which frightened off the snake” Helen told Latest Sighting, the snake slithered away under her car and into the bushes, while the lizard remained in the road, Helen saw him flicking his tongue a few times but he wasn’t moving. It is unlikely that this lizard would survive due to the venom.


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