Booking Accommodation for the Kruger National Park

So you have decided to visit the Kruger National Park, but when you tried to find accommodation on Google a whole a lot of options came up and you didn’t know where to start, don’t worry this post will help you with the booking process.

So the first thing you should know is that the only place to book accommodation is on, all other websites are for accommodation located outside of the park, and we recommend staying inside the park.

First step – Register

Visit SanPARKS and register a profile on their site, which is a pretty easy process,

The next process is the hardest because you have to choose which camp you want to stay at, besides having a lot of camps to choose from, if you book last minute you might not find accommodation at your chosen camp, so try booking in advance.

You can check availability across all camps for your desired dates on the Sanparks website which makes it easy to check what is available.

Choose the type of camp you want to book

There are different types of camps to choose from, here are some of the options:

  • Main Rest Camp
  • Bushveld Camp
  • Overnight Hides
  • Bush Lodges

The above camps are different when it comes to comfort and location, makes sure to choose a camp that will suit you because you don’t want to have a bad time because of the camp you chose.

Main Rest Camp

These are the most popular because they have a restaurant, shop, electricity, communal kitchen and ablutions facilities, laundromats and a petrol station. We recommend staying at one of the main rest camps especially if it is your first time visiting the Kruger.

Bushveld Camps

If you are looking for more remote and rustic accommodation, one of the bushveld camps might be perfect for you. Bushveld camps do not have shops or restaurants.

Read our review of Biyamiti bushveld camp here.

Bush Lodges

A bush lodge is a private lodge that can only be reserved by a large group at a time, there are no shops or restaurants but there is a fully equipped kitchen and barbeque facility.

Overnight Hides

There are a lot of hides situated all over the park that overlook dams and waterholes, and at some hides you can book to spend the night there, because it is a hide there are no restaurants or shops thus makes sure you are well stocked when reserving a night here.

Here are our Top 5 camps in the Kruger National Parks

Choose the type of accommodation within the camp

Once you choose the camp you will have the option to decide your type of accommodation, depending on your chosen camp, not all options are offered at all camps but you can find the following at the main rest camp:

  • Campsite – you would have to bring your own tent and all other essentials because you will only be assigned a piece of grass
  • Huts – Basic accommodation with beds, fridge and a fan/air-con, you will have to use the ablution and kitchen facilities at the camp
booking accommodation for the kruger
  • Safari Tents – these are similar to huts but it’s a tent which has been already set up
booking accommodation for the kruger
  • Bungalows – it as everything that huts have but also include your own bathroom and kitchen
booking accommodation for the kruger
  • Guesthouses – these are large houses that accommodate bigger groups

We hope this post helps you with your Kruger booking.

Thank you so much for reading.

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