Best Route from Skukuza to Satara

best route from skukuza to satara

The trip from Skukuza to Satara is a total of 99km therefore this is the best route from Skukuza to Satara to make sure it is the most successful for sightings

As you leave Skukuza drive on the H1-2 until you reach the sand road called the Marula Loop, this is a loop next to the H1-2 but its thick bushes and high trees provide perfect territory for leopards, we have seen lions on this loop a few times afterwards carry on driving on the H1-2 for 11km and afterwards turn left onto the S36, stop at Jones Dam waterhole we have often seen lions and buffalo here as well as general game coming to enjoy a drink.

Bes route from skukuza to satara
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Carry on this road until you get to the S34 intersection turn right on this gravel road, this road is hardly used by visitors so it makes the animals in the area very curious of the car as well as skittish so drive slowly and try be as silent as possible to prevent scaring the animals. In December it was the first time we had driven this road and we were lucky to see a large pride of lions on the road.

best route from skukuza to satara
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The S34 is 18km long, drive on this road until you get to the H1-3 tar road, and turn left here, (you can make a quick stop at Tshokwane to grab a coffee and a snack, for that turn right). While driving on the H1-3 stop at Mazithi Dam, there is a lion pride called the Mazithi lions so look out for them in this area, they are often seen enjoying a drink or stalking any animals by the water.

While driving on the H1-3 turn left on the S86 and do this loop it’s only 4km, wild dogs are usually seen here, afterwards carry on the tar road and at stop at Kumana Dam and look out for the Kumana pride lions as well as other general game including elephants, hippo and buffalo.

Drive on the H1-3 make a stop at Nkaya Pan, stopping at waterholes and dams is essential as there is always a lot of animals and activity occurring around the area. After Nkaya Pan carry on driving north and when you approach the S126 look out for the Sweni lion pride as well as the resident leopard which reside in the tree during the day.

best route from skukuza to satara
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You will soon be approaching Satara but before enjoy sightings of giraffes and wildebeest. Afterwards turn left into the camp and you have reached your destination.

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      Hi There, we have done this route a couple of times and the it takes us an average of 4 to 5 hours depending on sightings.

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