Afsaal Upgrade Causes a Divide between Park Visitors

Tindlovu Management Services announced major renovations to the Afsaal picnic stop. Afsaal is the perfect place to stop on your way to Skukuza from Malelane.

Afsaal Upgrade Causes a Divide between Park Visitors
Photo of Afsaal Picnic Spot

The renovations will be done in three phases, the first phase involves the creation of Tindlovu Express, which will offer freshly prepared food and fresh brewed coffee.

The second phase includes a new restaurant, a children play area with a tree house, these renovations should be completed in early 2019.

The third and last phase of the renovation include a spa, an overnight hide and guided walks, to be completed in the later part of 2019.

Other Tindlovu restaurants found in the Kruger National Park are supposed to follow suit, according to Jo-Anne White, the founder of Tindlovu Management Services.

When the announcement was made many Kruger goers had many opinions on the matter, some were looking forward to the new renovations while others felt as if all these new renovations is taking away from what visiting Kruger is really about.

Many frequent visitors feel like there is enough places outside the park where people could go to enjoy a spa, while others feel like the noise that the children play area will create will disrupt the harmony and quiet Kruger brings. People are also worried that the amount of traffic could also affect the game viewing negatively.

In our opinion, Afsaal always has animals such as hyenas and leopards, how safe is it have a children play area around there, also there is a wonderful spa at Skukuza which is only 40km from Afsaal.

The people which are excited for these renovations feel like Kruger could do with a modern upgrade, and children deserve a few hours to play after being a car for long hours.

If you would like to voice your opinion you can submit your opinion to the Tindlovu customer care, Pieter Malan of Tindlovu customer care commented, saying  “The spa will be separated from the picnic spot and kept simple, offering only holistic treatments and nothing cosmetic,” he also said. “We respect nature and wildlife in all we do.”

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