A Once in a Lifetime Sighting

While we were at the Kruger in December we stayed at Crocodile Bridge and Tamboti, when we were staying at Tamboti we decided to head down south towards Lower Sabie, because the days before we travelled up to Olifant and drove around the Satara/Orpen area. 

On our way towards Lower Sabie we had stopped to take photos of hyenas, a car stopped next to us and told us that if we were headed to Lower Sabie that we should go on the S128, as there was lionesses on a buffalo kill. 

On the S128 another car stopped to tell us that there was a leopard nearby and the leopard had chased two cheetahs away from their kill. We couldn’t see the cheetahs but we managed to see the spot the leopard briefly. 

When the leopard disappeared into the bush, we carried on driving along the S128 when there was a road block by a herd of buffalo after a while they all crossed the road and we carried on driving to find the lionesses, once we got there, the lionesses were sleeping and the buffalo carcass was mostly eaten. 

A while later a clan on hyenas arrived on the scene trying to steal the carcass from the lionesses, but one of the lionesses was not ready to give up her hard earned meal, and every time the hyenas or vultures would get too close one of the lionesses would chase them away. 

An hour or so later the herd of buffalos which we had seen earlier had made their way to the lionesses and once they figured out that it was a buffalo carcass, they started chasing the lionesses and hyena away as well as trying to destroy the carcass so that maybe no one was able to feed off it, we think they thought maybe it was still alive and they thought they were helping it. 

The hyenas were persistent and did not leave the carcass even after the buffalo chased them away, they got to enjoy the carcass for about 10 minutes until the lionesses realized the buffalo had moved off, they went back to claim the carcass that was rightfully theirs. 

We had been at the sighting for about 3 hours and by that time we were hungry and needed to stretch our legs so we left to go grab a bite to eat. 

We later found out that two nomadic males also made their way to the carcass and actually managed to steal it from the lionesses. 

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