7 Reasons You Should Visit the Kruger National Park

1. The Big 5
The Kruger National Park is home to the big 5, making it accessible for visitors to spot the big 5 in the wild.
The term big five historically refers to the five most dangerous animals to hunt in South Africa, there are approximately 1750 lions, 1000 leopards, 13 000 elephants and 37 000 buffalos making Kruger their home.
The big five can be found throughout the whole park making it alluring. It also offers the opportunity of seeing critically endangered animals.

2. It is the perfect place for photography
The Kruger National Park offers some of the best sunsets and sunrises, it also has beautiful landscape which makes it a perfect place for photographers. With an abundance of wildlife it’s an excellent place to capture some tremendous shots of animals in their natural environment.

3. Self-drive routes
The Kruger National Park can be accessed by nearly any car because it has well-maintained tar roads unlike other nature reserves in Africa.
It gives you the opportunity to be your own safari guide; it also offers alternative routes on sand roads which can also be accessed by most cars however some sand roads can get quite bumpy at times.

4. Being up close with animals
If you are looking to get up close to animals in their natural environment, Kruger is one the best places to do that. Nearly boasting over 150 mammal species, making it possible for you to be up close with wild animals. Kruger is also the home of over 500 bird species, which offers bird watchers a variety of birds to view.

5. Distress your self
It’s the perfect place for a getaway, if you are looking to distress and clear your mind the Kruger Park will do the trick. Looking for animals while driving distracts your mind from everyday stressors and nothing beats relaxing on your balcony in the afternoon after a long day of looking for animals. Probably the most exciting part of Kruger is spotting animals in the road, because you never know what’s around the next corner which makes it interesting, it keeps you in anticipation hoping there might be a lion or leopard at the next bend.

6. Bush braais
If staying at one of the camps there is no better thing to do then have a braai after a day of looking for animals. The night time offers peace and quiet, inviting many nocturnal animals to the perimeter of the camps fence who are attracted by the smell of whatever you might be cooking. Hyenas are often seen patrolling the fence while lions roaring can often be heard at night, whenever we stay at Tamboti, a genet (which we named Gerry) comes to visit us.



7. Affordable
The Kruger offers excellent value for money, making it an affordable travel choice. The park charges SA citizens R82 a day per person and R41 per child for conservation fees. The camps offer accommodation from as little as R400 ($30) for a basic hut and R285 ($20) for camping for two people. It also offers luxury accommodation starting from R1200 ($90).

Thank you so much for reading, let us know in the comments below if you have more reasons to visit the Kruger

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