10 Tips for Self-Drive in Kruger

A self-drive gives you the freedom to drive yourself around the Kruger Park in your own car on your schedule, it is the most affordable way to see the park and gives you flexibility, today we bring you 10 tips for self-drive in Kruger.

1. Get up early 

Be the first car out the gate, most animals especially predators are active during early morning, in winter months you are likely to see lions in the road as they lay on the tar for warmth. 

10 Tips for self-drive in kruger

2. Have a Self-Drive Guide and Map handy

If you don’t have one already purchase a map of the Kruger from one of the rest camps shops. Every day have a plan of which route you are going to do for the day.

3. Drive slowly

In order to enjoy the Kruger and be able to have good sightings drive 20 to 30km/h and keep your eyes next to the road, driving slow makes it easier to spot animals. 

4. Watch the behavior of other animals 

When a whole herd of impalas are staring in one directions and they are alarm calling, it can only mean that their is a predator nearby, try look in the same directions that they are and try spot the predator. 

5. Listen 

When both baboons and birds frantically call usually means their is a predator or danger nearby, lions can also be heard roaring when they are marking their territory, if possible try drive towards the same directions which the sounds came from. 

6. Be patient at a sighting 

Remember to stop even for the little things, for example one day we stopped to look at a buffalo herd crossing the road and 30 minutes or so later 3 males lions appeared and they were following the buffalo herd. 

7. Speak to other people 

When you stop at the rest camps and you see people, ask them what they saw and where, this information can help you spot animals. 

10 Tips for self-drive in kruger

8. Switch your engine off at a sighting 

Switch off your engines when you stop at a sighting, you do not want to scare away the animal, and do not speed to the sighting because you see a lot of cars parked in one spot. 

9. Respect the animals 

Be aware of the comfort zone of the animal, do not park your car very close to them that you end up scaring them, or drive right next to them when they are walking in the road that you end up chasing them into the bush, and do not get out of your car because you think you can take better photos. 

10 Tips for self-drive in kruger

10. Pack snacks and drinks 

Sometimes you might be at a sighting for a very long time and you might not be ready to leave those lions feeding on a carcass, having snacks with you prevents you from being hungry or hangry ;). Having water is always good because it does get hot and it’s good to stay hydrated. 

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